Sunday, March 29, 2009

waiting for the lamb

March marked two big changes: I moved back to Brooklyn after two years in Queens and started a new position at my library. It's temporary position that should last through the end of the calendar year. I have a new title -- Functional Design Manager -- and a job description:

The position is responsible for investigating and recommending 'next level' system behaviors to provide the most elegant customer experience. Responsible for providing consultant services for features, user interface, and functional specifications.

That's me, Hood and Hat, bringing the elegance. I'm psyched about the opportunity and excited about helping to bring about change at my'brary, but there's a loop that keeps replaying in my head, telling me that I'm no longer a librarian. I miss the day-to-day interaction with customers and my co-workers, as well as the handling books, but I'm starting to get used to sitting at a desk all day. I've been listening to and no one can hear me sing along or see me bop in my chair.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March/April '09: Worlds Connect

It looks prettier in person, I swear.