Sunday, September 30, 2007

Things #3 and #4, and a Banned Books Tale

Happy Banned Books Week y'all! I'll be putting the finishing touches on my board tomorrow morning. I set up the display on Saturday, and I noticed that Melvin Burgess's Doing It was gone by the end of the day. I checked to see if it had been checked out. Nope. I would never suggest that a patron would relocate a book with a slightly risque cover to a lower traffic area -- perhaps a dark, dark corner of the library -- but I do find it mysterious.

Thing #3:

I picked "hoodandhat" because I am vehemently opposed to umbrellas, and it also happens to be my Flickr name. I have a livejournal, and though I sometimes write about work and library things there, it's mostly a way for me to keep in touch with college and Baltimore friends. Since this week is "blog" week, a few of my favorite librarian and writer blogs are:

  • LibrarianInBlack
  • Brotherhood 2.0 with Hank and John Green
  • PLA Blog
  • David Lubar's LiveJournal
  • The Lisa Yee Blog

    Thing #4:

    Registration is officially on. About 10 people have sent us links to their blogs. I debated sending an e-mail from my work account to ql.things@gmail, but then I realized it would just be too silly. I did add myself to the spreadsheet of participants so I can snag my gift card and any other "surprises" along the way. I wonder how many people will register this week. 50? 100? I think PLCMC had just under 200 people signed up at the end of two weeks.
  • Friday, September 28, 2007

    Things #1 and #2, and an Introduction

    I've decided to use my blog as both a commentary on The Things and The Process. I've also decided it's pretty much useless for me to remain anonymous. I'm Karen. I'm the YA teen librarian at Forest Hills. I live in Sunnyside, almost exactly between the Woodside and Sunnyside libraries. Like many of you, I attended Stephen Abram's talk last March. The only difference between you and me is that I sent an e-mail asking if we could bring Learning 2.0/23 Things to Queens Library. Six months later, here we are. The beauty of the PLCMC program is how easy it is to replicate. We kept pretty much everything the same except we added "Explore Facebook."

    As one of the adapters of the QL L2.0 program, I have experience with most of the Things. Even though I won't be experiencing them for the first time, I hope I'll still be able to look at them as opportunities to think about how we can use these applications with each other and our patrons. One of my goals for this program is to figure out better ways to communicate with my colleagues, or at least figure out a way to gather us for an unofficial happy hour.

    I don't have much to say about Thing #1 other than it seemed to be very confusing for people that although the program started this week, they wouldn't register until next week. Someone even left a comment that it seemed counter-intuitive -- which I completely understand -- but I knew it would make things easier on the QL L.20 Team's end if we had the blog links at the time of registration. It was selfish and the process will probably be changed if we repeat the program.

    As for Thing #2, I think I wanted to be a librarian because I am in love with lifelong learning. You cannot work at a library and not learn something new every day. I liked the tutorial because it highlighted how important it is to commit oneself to learning new things. Out of all the habits, it is probably hardest for me to set goals and to maintain confidence. Learning new things puts you in a vulnerable position, and no one likes to feel stupid.

    I have absolutely no issue with seeing learning as "play" or fun, and I love teaching other people new things. I am very much about tricking people into learning and disguising it as fun. I did school visits near the end of the year and I gave seventh and eight graders a blank "library" bingo card. I told them to fill in the squares with all the things you might find or do in the Forest Hills Library. I had prepared slips of paper with about possible 40 responses. As each slip of paper was pulled (Community Service, DVDs, Read Down Your Fines), I explained it. By the end of the visit, (hopefully) they knew all the things the library had to offer them.

    As a YA teen librarian, one becomes accustomed to building things people might not come to. I am happy to see it looks like my colleagues will be participating in this program. Yay for QL L2.0!

    Wednesday, September 19, 2007

    I finally got around

    to starting my QL 2.0 blog. The action officially starts September 24.