Sunday, June 2, 2013

8th Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge

It’s that time again!

The 48 Hour Book Challenge (#48hbc) will take place June 8-10. I’m planning on reading from 7:00pm 10:00pm Friday  to 7:00pm 10:00pm Sunday. I will be running my favorite race from last year (New York Mini 10K) and participating in my favorite NYC library advocacy event (We Will Not Be Shushed Read In). Registration for the Mini is closed, but if you're in NYC you can still sign up to read here. I volunteered to read between midnight and 8am. I'm crossing my fingers for 4:30ish.

 I’ve piled my stack of books (see below), downloaded an audio book (Tortall and Other Lands by Tamora Pierce), and selected my baked good (Vegan BreakfastCookies). After failing to go vegan for the month of May, I’m attempting Mark Bittman’s VB6: Vegan Before Six during June.