Monday, December 16, 2013

37 Things: The Rollovers


I knew that my 37 Things list was overly ambitious and for that reason I am rolling over 12 things. Combined with a new (forthcoming) list of 38 Things that makes an even 50.

1. Run 50 miles a month.
2. Log at least 750 miles over year.
3. Improve pace significantly and consistently.
4. Cross-train (cycling, Pilates, whatever)
5. Run NYC marathon again.

6. Go out on 12 dates.

Exploration and Learning
7. Learn Spanish.

8. Bring back Grandma's Test Kitchen as Sunday Dinner.
9. Assemble collection of grandmother's recipes (with pictures!) and publish (flip book, blog, whatever).

10. Write monthly blog posts.
11. Write book reviews.

12. Ride roller coasters