Sunday, September 30, 2007

Things #3 and #4, and a Banned Books Tale

Happy Banned Books Week y'all! I'll be putting the finishing touches on my board tomorrow morning. I set up the display on Saturday, and I noticed that Melvin Burgess's Doing It was gone by the end of the day. I checked to see if it had been checked out. Nope. I would never suggest that a patron would relocate a book with a slightly risque cover to a lower traffic area -- perhaps a dark, dark corner of the library -- but I do find it mysterious.

Thing #3:

I picked "hoodandhat" because I am vehemently opposed to umbrellas, and it also happens to be my Flickr name. I have a livejournal, and though I sometimes write about work and library things there, it's mostly a way for me to keep in touch with college and Baltimore friends. Since this week is "blog" week, a few of my favorite librarian and writer blogs are:

  • LibrarianInBlack
  • Brotherhood 2.0 with Hank and John Green
  • PLA Blog
  • David Lubar's LiveJournal
  • The Lisa Yee Blog

    Thing #4:

    Registration is officially on. About 10 people have sent us links to their blogs. I debated sending an e-mail from my work account to ql.things@gmail, but then I realized it would just be too silly. I did add myself to the spreadsheet of participants so I can snag my gift card and any other "surprises" along the way. I wonder how many people will register this week. 50? 100? I think PLCMC had just under 200 people signed up at the end of two weeks.

    Logan Ragsdale said...

    I am having trouble with the link text HTML, that said I really don't know HTML, but used Blogger help to try it, it works if I just type the HTML code, but not if I type text above or below, does that makes sense. Anyway--any tips, I will keep trying.

    By link text I mean this turning text into a link, like you did say with "board"

    hood_and_hat said...

    I tend to just do the HTML myself, but I made a post just for you:

    If it doesn't make sense, see if someone else in your division can show you.