Sunday, December 9, 2007

the L-list

Friday was the last day of the New Librarian seminar. After lunch we were given a tour of the Central Library. We split into groups and introduced ourselves to the tour guide, who I later realized was Librarianne 2.0. When I said, "Karen, YA Librarian, Forest Hills," she asked, "Hood and Hat?" It made me giggle. You forget, because people rarely leave comments, that someone might actually be reading your blog.

I've spent the weekend in the suburban country (Westminster, MD) and now it's time to head back to the big city.

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Logan Ragsdale said...

Hey you! That's funny I work with Librarianne 2.0! I will have to ask her about seeing you. I hosted three of the new librarians in SS/HTB also. I saw this and thought of you: The guy's from Fred Flare, there apt: Also, the blog where I first saw Fred Flare: