Tuesday, February 12, 2008

from QLL2.0 to TTW

I've decided to morph my 23 1/2 Things blog into one about my new program, Tech Buddies. I applied for a mini-grant from YALSA for Teen Tech Week and I was selected!

This was my proposal:

Drawing on the model of the successful Book Buddies program, a community service opportunity that pairs teen volunteers with beginning readers, the Forest Hills Library wishes to pilot a Tech Buddies program that matches teens with seniors who would like to become better versed in technology. The program will focus on the more entertaining and fun aspects of technology: podcasts, short video, and video games.

The teens at Forest Hills High School are required to do 15 hours of community service prior to graduation. This past fall we were able to accommodate approximately 35 individuals. The establishment of a Tech Buddies program would allow us to offer more and varied opportunities to the young adult members of our community. Further, the Forest Hills Library engages a robust senior population that frequently borrows materials, attends events, and takes computer classes. The initial program will be open to 10 teens and 10 seniors and last 10 weeks.

The program seeks:
•To bring together different segments of the community library’s users
•To expand the library’s technology and community service offerings
•To alleviate fear some seniors might have of current technology
•To help both teens and seniors “Tune In” to the varied ways the library serves its community
•To add to the teens’ (and seniors’) skills sets with regard to technology
•To encourage intergenerational communication and lifelong learning

I'm pretty excited. In other exciting news, I got an ARC of Sara Zarr's Sweethearts. It was perfect timing since I just finished Story of a Girl, which is also on our summer reading list this year.

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