Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tech Buddies: Week 1

Even though I am still recruiting, we had our first meeting during Teen Tech Week. I'm referring to it as a "soft launch" of the program. I'm pleased with how things are progressing, and I was surprised to learn that none of the teens had Wii'd before. That means it's something the teens and seniors can explore together, and makes the idea of the tournament at the end even more appealing.

I'd never look a gift horse in the mouth, and I'm very excited to have received the TTW grant, but I think recruitment might have been easier during the summer months. Finding teens available on the same day of week has been challenging, and the moody weather of March kept some of our seniors away.

I keep reminding myself that there's a reason for pilot programs. I'll post more later, but all the teen content for the tri-system summer reading website is due in a few days. The committee has come up with some pretty neat stuff, including choose-your-own-adventure type scenarios. We're each responsible for writing two and I haven't even started mine.

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