Tuesday, January 13, 2009

you asked for it

Every so often I run a suggestion box ... the lazy librarian's teen advisory group. My next bulletin board is going to feature Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin (Abe & Chuck), but the following one will be "You Asked For It." I'll list the suggestions and then a response so teens can see they have the power to influence the library. So ... here's what they want:

  • Classes, such as how to write a correct essay report (age 12)
  • Bleach DVDs**
  • Twilight* (age 16)
  • The Host**
  • Naruto DVDs (age 10)
  • Currents in Drama (scripts)
  • Watchmen, From Hell, Sin City, V for Vendetta, Tin Tin, Asterix (age 23)
  • More A-list and Gossip Girl books (age 14)
  • Sports teams (age 12)
  • Rebirth manga (age 17)
  • Any PSP games. Good ones. Please. (age 12)
  • Brave Story
  • Hikaru No Go**
  • Fullmetal Alchemist volume 16-20. Please. (age 9)
  • Shonen Jump issues. New ones! (age 14)
  • One Piece volumes 5-14
  • Bleach volumes 24 and 25 (age 11)
  • One Piece DVDs
  • Simpsons books
  • Kufu*** DVDs
  • Naruto volume 33 (age 11)
  • Fruits Basket
I'm thinking of launching a TAG in March. Let them pick stuff to purchase, suggest summer reading programs, etc.

*Apparently 17 copies is not enough.
**Suggested by multiple people.
***Kung Fu?

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