Thursday, November 4, 2010

(One of) The Lucky Few

The article I wrote for Library Journal appeared online October 15, but I just got the print copy! Here's a pic:

That's me in the lower right corner. From top-left: Leah L. White, Justin Hoenke, and Molly Kelly. The reaction has been nice, and many people at Queens Library have said kind things. I hope to do more writing, getting back to my roots, in the future.


Justin Hoenke said...

It's cute how they selected 3 women and 1 dude that sort of looks like he is a woman for this piece.

Great article Karen!

Carolyn said...

I just happened to be catching up on 1-the rather excessive number of blogs that I follow on Google Reader (including yours) and 2-reading book reviews in Library Journal, of which I'm always an issue or two behind. And blam! there you are! Congratulations on a great article - it's terrific. I too suppose that I'm a "Yes" woman - so do I introduce myself as an Acquisitions Librarian, a Reference Librarian, or the Writer Services Librarian? yes to helping the Events staff. yes to teaching Tech classes. In the end, I'm one of the lucky few too just to have a job.