Thursday, August 21, 2008

scrabble down your fines

We have an excellent program at my library where kids 16 and under can read down their fines and fees. I have a teen who is in the midst of reading down more than $30 and he's been coming into the library a few days a week to tackle the sum. Yesterday he wanted to know if he could go on the Internet and I said "Yes, but we prefer you stay away from sites like MySpace." Next he asked if reading about sports was okay and I responded, "Yes, definitely." Then he eyed the board games on a cart next to me. "What about games. Can I play a game?" I laughed and said, "No." He thought for a moment and said, "How about Scrabble? That's a learning activity." As my friends know, I am completely nuts about Scrabble and still mourning the loss of Scrabulous, so I gave him the thumbs up.

And thus, Scrabble Down Your Fines was born.

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The Kenster said...

Thats a class way to discipline children!
They'll be expanding their minds whilst working hard to pay something off.. good life lessons for the future.
Are you not aware of Ea's new release on Facebook I take it, else you'd be playing.
If you ever get stuck, use ascrabble help site to help, thats what I do.