Tuesday, March 31, 2015


For previous birthdays, I have compiled a list of things to do leading up to my birthday. In the approach to 40, I am keeping it simple:
  1. Lose 40 pounds
  2. Write 40 blog posts
  3. Complete 40 (different) running routes

I am approximately 40 weeks from my 40th birthday so I just need to do each of these things once a week. At some point in my past, I abandoned the idea of losing weight because it always resulted in me feeling like a failure. It often involved unrealistic or unhealthy approach with a too-short timeline. Eat less, smoke more! However, eating and exercising in such a way that I lose a pound a week doesn't seem like a bad idea. My life includes a lot of beer, chips, and cheese. I will try not to be too obsessed ... except maybe when planning those running routes. 

How awesome would it be to turn 40 and to feel as if I am the most healthy I have ever been?

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