Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tag: You're It!

Photograph by Jacob Walsh
At the beginning of the year, I started tagging one of my Facebook friends each day. I explained it with my first post: 

"Last year, Matthew Allison tagged a different Facebook friend each year. He began each post with "(Over 365 Facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!)" and then shared some little bit about the person and how they knew each other. I don't have *that* many friends, so I plan to also tag pages that I follow. Since Matt is my inspiration, I'll begin with him. We both work at Queens Library, and we first met during a 'staff appreciation' event during National Library Week in 2007. He's super into skate boarding and writing, and I like how he balances being laid back yet dedicated to improvement. Determined yet accepting of life's twists and turns. Cheers!"

It's been a fun exercise in writing and in appreciation. I added the names of all my friends, along with certain pages and groups, to a spreadsheet and ordered it by first name. After starting with Matt, I selected each daily pick using the RANDOM.ORG True Random Number Generator and plugging in the spreadsheet row span. Once I feature a friend, I remove that person from the spreadsheet. I started with 270 friends, groups, or pages. My opening sentence is now: Over 365 Facebook friends, groups, or pages. One tagged each day in 2014!  Perhaps I will add new folks to the spreadsheet as I go along and perhaps I will stop once September is over.  

I keep thinking a number will come up and I'll groan, "Ugh, not that person!" Instead, each time I have been excited to see where my jumbled memories and mused tapping lead me. 

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