Friday, October 19, 2007

blog rockin' and blog rollin' (#8)

When I couldn't sleep last night, it seemed like a good idea to add every single one of the QL L2.0 participants to my Bloglines. I added myself, The Shifted Librarian, and Word of the Day and somehow still only have 99 feeds so I'm not entirely sure who I missed.

There must be some way for me to post my feeds so that ya'll can easily snatch them. I'll look into that later and share when I figure it out. Chime in if you know. I'm not new to RSS, but this is my first time trying out Bloglines.

Now if I am at a desk I keep my Bloglines open so I can get instant updates when ya'll post. I had just been clicking through the long list of links every couple of days which isn't the most efficient way to keep up.

Hood and Hat is watching you, she sees your every move ... watching you watching you watching you watching you.

Perhaps the sleep-deprivation-inspired silliness is setting in. It's about time for me to go post Thing 9 anyway. One last thing: I've been using this site to resize images (like the screen shot above):


Emily said...

Sad!! I'm working too :(. I had read about that appearance in both Scott and Justine's blogs. But I didn't notice where it was - guess it's right here in our back yard! I just moved here, so I'm not used to having all these author goings on where I live. So cool! :). Thanks for the heads up though.

gus said...

curse your watching eyes hood and hat! jk :P

i was actually treating the 23 1/2 things like a wall calendar and not looking at the future ones so that i'd be surprised - you dashed my plans against the rocks (telling me facebook was one of the future things)...

tnx for posting to my blog tho and feel free to curse me back ;)


adrian said...

To make your feeds public in Bloglines, go to account (upper right hand corner) then blog settings. You will see options for making a public blog or blogroll. Hope that helps!

hood_and_hat said...

Thanks Adrian. I knew if I waited someone would just tell me.