Wednesday, October 24, 2007

on the LT (#11)

According to my LibraryThing profile, I've had an account since June 19, 2007. I love tag clouds, so I am fond of the author cloud which does a very good job of showing my favorites: Joan Didion, Tom Wolfe, Jacob Grimm, Rick Moody, and Lorrie Moore. Hmmm ... what else? Christopher Corbett is my college journalism professor. I like the way LT tells me, "25 LibraryThing users have 26 books by Christopher Corbett."

I added the random books from my library widget to my blog. If you're interested:

1. Go to Tools and select Make a Standard Blog Widget.
2. Scroll down to Choose Style. (I picked the third option, "Random Books" and kept all the other defaults: no tags, 12 books, etc.)
3. Copy the HTML code that appears to the right.
4. If you have a Blogger blog, go to your Dashboard and select Layout.
5. Click on Add a Page Element.
6. Select HTML/Java Script (third down, on the right.)
7. Paste the HTML code and Save.
8. Click and drag the "element" to where you want it to appear. The default, I think, is the top.

One of the librarians at FH likes to use the LibraryThing Suggest for readers' advisory. I've started playing around with it and found it to be helpful.

It seems I have acquired exactly five new books since I originally set up my account, so I was actually able to add 5.


adrian said...

envious of your LT widget. Apparently blogs hosted at Wordpress can't use it.

Dale said...

Your mention of Didion (a personal favorite, though I own few of her books) reminded me that I've been trying off and on to find a Didion quote about Queens for a few years. Don't look for it, it's not worth that. But do you remember a Didion passage something about Queens being nothing but graveyards?