Tuesday, October 9, 2007

on thinking pink ... (#5)

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I have a bit of a reputation for my biblioboards, so when my ACLM spied the F.Y.I. highlighting Pomonok's Pink Ribbons of Hope campaign, she asked if I could do something similar. I did my best not to grimace. I was in the middle of 8 million things (school visits, volunteer management, Banned Books Week board followed by Teen Read Week board followed by Forest Hills 50th Celebration board) in addition to my everyday librarian chores and duties. I prefer to be overly rather than underly busy so I said, "Sure, sure." Someone said to me a couple weeks ago, "Have you noticed the more work you do, the more work you do?" Word.

Breast cancer awareness is important, but it hits a little too close to home so I went no-frills. I didn't give the board as much thought as I normally do. Pink construction paper background, black letters spelling "Breast Cancer Awareness Month," and index cards with glued-on printed-out paper pink ribbons. I lifted the some text from the e-mail sent about Go Pink Day. I had a couple of my go-get'em-est volunteers cut and assemble the parts. At the bottom of my craft bag, I found these neat metallic thumbtacks (pink, purple, silver, gold) that I picked up at the beginning of the summer from the dollar store.

I filled out one card so that people would know what to do: "In honor of my grandmother, who died of breast cancer, and my mother, two-time breast cancer survivor, I pledge my support." The board was started late Thursday, and it was finished by the time I took my 5 p.m. reference desk shift on Friday.

Anyway ... thanks to Pomonok for the inspiration.

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