Monday, October 22, 2007

fun, fun, fun (#10)

Perhaps the type is a little hard to read. It says, "Down with 'brellas! Hoods and Hats!" I made it with the Billboard generator, one of the many things listed on the fd Flickr Toys. One of my friends made this over the summer:

We had all Simpsonized ourselves, and then Megan (middle right) brought us together. It was all the rage to have your Simpson-self as your Myspace pic for about two seconds in August.

Most of of the time generators are just a silly way to waste one's time, but they can be handy for creating eye-catching images. Lastly I made this image with the Post-It Note Generator to remind ya'll to come to Forest Hills in November when we celebrate 50 years with a heap of family fun events:

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Barb Conkin said...

I didn't know Forest Hills was having an anniversary this weekend. I'll have to pop in!