Friday, November 2, 2007

roll call (#12)

I finally made my Rollyo. I called it Teen Lit, and used mostly blogs, many of which I have syndicated through my livejournal (Worth the Trip, Cynsations) and I few websites that I visit frequently like Reading Rants and Recently someone on the YALSA-BK list asked for the blog addresses of folks who wrote about or reviewed teen literature. I went digging through my g-mail archive and found it. I had more than 25 sites -- Rollyo only allows up to 25 -- so I cut a few.

I ended up removing after a test search for "Deadline" (meaning Chris Crutcher's newest book) turned up too many links about ALA deadlines. The next search produced much better results with 4 of the first 5 being relevant:

As others have noted, it took me a couple of clicks around to find the link for my finished Rollyo. The search was a bit slow for my tastes, but I plan to actually use my roll. I like the idea of continuing to tinker with it, adding and removing sites to cull the best results.

And with that I am finally all caught up and I can get back to the fun stuff: reading in bed.

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