Thursday, November 15, 2007

i claim, you claim; we all waste time (#14)

Well, I claimed my blog. I also went ahead and claimed Queens Library Learning 2.0 on Queens Library's behalf. QL L2.0 has a much higher rank than H&H. Surprise, surprise.

To be honest, I love anything that ranks. It pains me that I've been knocked out of the #5 spot on QL Chat since I've been on vacation. While I am enough of a loser to note such things, I am not so loserish that I will post there during this period. I swear I only checked to see if the holiday hours had been posted. They had not.

I was surprised to see Friendster listed among the top searches. People still use Friendster? Seriously? I was happy see PostSecret, one of my favorite sites, rank high for blogs.

I just spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at videos made by YA authors, using the video search and the term "ya literature." It would appear in this time, Friendster has been thrown out of the Top Searches, restoring my understanding of the world around me. Technorati is one of those things I never think to use but I should, especially for pop culture information. It's very good at telling you what's hot right now.

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