Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the sounds of sigh-lence (#22)

I started listening to audiobooks a few years back when my daily commute (which involved driving, the metro, and walking) hovered around three hours. At the time my local library had just started lending out pre-loaded MP3 players that you could check out for three weeks. The set even came with an adapter for your car and batteries. The program has since been discontinued, but that's how I got hooked.

When I was preparing to drive to Maryland two weeks ago, I decided to take advantage of the free trial has been advertising on the subway. I selected Shannon Hale's Austenland because I though it would be short enough to fit on my shuffle. (Audible, unlike many digital library offerings, is compatible with the iPod line.) Despite many valiant attempts, it would not squeeze onto my shuffle so I've been listening to it as I pack, clean, fold, plasticize, and bedbug-proof all my belongings.

I already had the Overdrive software on my computer from my dealings with BPL's digital offerings. (How awesome is it that as residents of New York we have access to three library systems full of stuff! And, so much is available online!)

For this exercise, I downloaded David Levithan's Boy Meets Boy, and I plan to start listening as soon as I finish up with Jane Hayes' adventures.

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