Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the blue bus is callin' us/driver, where you takin' us (#23)

My favorite part of the program has definitely been reading all the blogs. Each time someone thought something was neat or did something new, it warmed my librarian heart. And, even though it's pure cheese, my favorite part of being a librarian is helping others make connections. Push, push, nudge, nudge.

If I had to pick a favorite Thing post-launch, I'd probably go with Bloglines. It's not that I necessarily love Bloglines, but I am a convert to feed aggregators. RSS had always been something I couldn't quite "get" but now I do. My favorite Thing pre-launch was, and I've enjoyed adding things to the ql.things account as we go along. Moreover, my favorite Thing to watch y'all do is probably the image generators.

I wish now that we had tailored the program more for beginners. I would have probably made it two things per week, with 12 weeks worth of Things, and cushion of two weeks at the end. I might have even tried to match people with buddies or created clusters. I wish more people had participated. I had the number 200 in my head and only 125 signed up. I don't understand why there wasn't more cross-participation and comment-leaving. I left 8 million comments. I hope that I left at least one comment on each person's blog.

The program was so easy to adapt that I know it was worth doing. I can't believe it hasn't even been a year since I graduated from library school. Hmmm ... At this time last year, I was finishing up my practicum research and presentation (on library design), throwing together a YA bibliography (on Death, Grief, and Loss), and wondering if I'd ever find a job. Oh shoot. Gossip Girl is one. Catch you later.

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Emily said...

I agree about theh buddies or clusters. I think one of the things that made this more interesting for me was the people in my department participating too. We could discuss each item or give each other tips on how to do something... just cause two or three brains are better than one. Anyway, that's a good idea. Kudos.

MarleneT said...

I thought the program was great and fun as is but I did see alot of beginners had trouble. People asked me for advise all the time. I think a choice of joining a group or doing it yourself would be better because some people like being loners. ;)
I agree with Emily though most of the Help Desk was working on Blogs and we talked about it all the time and it was fun.

Dale said...

I've spoken with several librarians around North America who are doing something like the 23 Things. I think all of them have said that they should have organized the program to be a bit more at the beginner level. From what I've heard from them, you (all) did a really excellent job. I've posted my 1 or 2 suggestions on my blog....

I did read everyone's blog, but feel a bit odd making a lot of comments....

Stacey said...

I think 125 participants is wonderful! This was only the first try, too, so think of what you can do next time around -- especially if you have "graduates" talking it up to their colleagues and can take these thoughts to make the program even better.

Personally, I'm really thrilled I was given the opportunity to participate. Now I'm even more excited about starting my new job. Thanks!

lavender said...

"I wish now that we had tailored the program more for beginners."

I believe that the learning 2.0 is a great endeavor, but tad overly ambitious. I think the result would had been better if it doesn't seem so rushed and so overloaded with information and instructions.
But nobody said the library can't re-do, (and reward!) this type of learning tool again.
Perhaps with buddying and partnership, more people will be tempted.