Monday, November 19, 2007

mayday mayday

The following things have occurred over the last 10 days:

1. The beginnings of a Facebook addiction.
2. My car is dead. (Probably the battery.)
3. Hello bed bugs; Goodbye sleep.
4. My bloglines is malfunctioning.


Logan Ragsdale said...

Hey Hood! I guess you have heard you would need both Hood and Hat here these days...cold and rainy! Austin!!! My son lives in Austin and it is one of my fav cities in Texas. I am from Dallas, but Austin is a great city. Okay sorry for your troubles..hope all work them selves out...aren't cars and computers wonderful...when they work!!! Hang in there, I am plugging away...(#7 post comments :) ) Happy Thanksgiving!!

hood_and_hat said...

I love Austin. Should I ever leave NYC, that's where I'm headed.