Thursday, November 15, 2007

mmm' mmm' good (#13)

My car, appropriately named the Evil Death Mobile, would not start this morning. Instead of driving to Maryland today, I will take the bus and not leave until tomorrow. I might as well catch up on my Things.

I've been using for about a year. Like many of the QL L2.0 things, it was included in my technology class during my last semester of library school. I try to be consistent in my tags, but a quick scan reveals teen and teens, blog and blogs, and widget and widgets. I also cannot seem to pick between "YA" and "teen" -- which is a common problem confronting those of us serving the 12-18 set. Similar to spring cleaning, every so often I'll take a look at the list and edit tags and links, tidying up. One nice thing about delicious is the ability to annotate links. On the other hand, many times the annotation is nothing more than a summary or quote.

I haven't yet utilized the social networking aspects of delicious. Very rarely do I look at what other people have said about the common links we have selected. I see it as a portable collection of bookmarks -- something I can use whether I'm on one of the desks, in the workroom, or at home.

What else? I'd love to set up an account for my community library but it's just one more thing on the long list of things I've been meaning to do.

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