Wednesday, November 28, 2007

podding around (#21)

Every morning I receive the Writer's Almanac, an e-mail that contains the text of the same-named podcast done by Garrison Keillor. It always contains a poem and information about various writers and artists. I'm always forwarding the poems and other bits to my friends, like the September 6th episode that contained the following quote from Alice Sebold:

"It's very weird to succeed at 39 years old and realize that in the midst of your failure, you were slowly building the life that you wanted."

I did a search for "Writer's Almanac" on and it came up! I added the RSS feed to my bloglines account. I also did some clicking around on this site and the others mentioned, but I didn't really come up with much I wanted to listen to.

Podcasting is something I want to do with my teens. For $100, you can set yourself up with a nice program. I'd love to incorporate it into the summer reading program as well as the volunteer program. Besides, I'll need a new project when QL L2.0 closes shop on December 24th and I am no longer monitoring 120 feeds.

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